Our Mission

“Ina,” the foundation of our name, is Filipino for “Mother.”  Our mission at Ina Med Spa is to celebrate motherhood every day. Being a Mom is the hardest job, always putting family first, juggling responsibilities at home and in the work place.  It’s time to celebrate the blessing your mom brings to your life every day. The demands of motherhood can be overwhelming so take charge and schedule some stress-relieving spa treatments for her/you today. Motherhood is meant to be all encompassing and extends to the entire family including the Dads, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons. Antiaging treatments, improvement and maintenance of your general and skin health is available to all.

To help achieve this, our services are centered around the improvement and maintenance of the physical aspects of beauty including anti-aging treatments, enhancing your natural beauty and improving your overall health. Because this is a lifetime pursuit, we aim to be your partner every step of the way. We want you to rely on us to “Look As Good As You Feel!” At Ina Med Spa, everyone can put their best self forward in a way that is both rewarding and convenient. We accomplish this by offering affordable pricing and by striving every day to make you look rejuvenated by delivering the best treatment experience possible.

Our Commitment

During a consultation at Ina Med Spa, patient education is a top priority. We go into detail about our treatment solutions to ensure full understanding and realistic expectations. We’ll create a personalized treatment plan customized to fit your specific aesthetic goals. This will include treatment options and a skincare regimen to keep your skin looking fresh for years to come.

A major part of our commitment to quality care is client satisfaction. In cases where a patient is unsatisfied with their treatment or their results, we pledge to always do everything in our power to address and correct any and all issues. Come in today to begin your personalized journey.